What A Big Dick He Had


The scenario below

contains real people, living out genuine fantasys, in a real life situation

all original photos have been transformed into cartoon format

 to allow these people to remain anonymous while still being able to enjoy the thrill of appearing on this website


His cock was half way down his thigh

it brought a glint to his Mistresses eye

I wouldn't mind a ride on that, I bet he'd fill my hairy twat

but Madam Amanda she did say, that's not the way my Mistresses play

so bring the ruler for me to measure

the size of the one that WON'T be giving you pleasure !


But a sissy slut was soon brought in to lick & suck with a grateful grin


and then it was time for him to cum

so a dildo was pushed into his bum then with his cock pulled back

spunk sprays the dungeon floor!