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November 2017


Madam Amanda has taken me out of Chastity and has had my penis re-pierced and ringed. (as my last ones got infected through my neglect when Amanda found out Madam insisted I remove them and

have them repierced as part of my punishment)

Once they have healed she is having a chain soldered closed

betweeen my balls and my tiny penis I am scared of getting burnt, but it's a lady who specialises in this and Madam has guarenteed I won't be hurt. I am scared but excited to be perminantly denied sexual release as part of my training.


August 2017


It's been five months since my last blog and five months since


I was last allowed to have sex. Madam Amanda put me in chastity and has kept the key , I have to see either her or one of her Mistresses weekly for it to be removed and a cleanliness inspection to be carried out on my pathetic prick. It's so humiliating, but I still get hard ever time it happens and they laugh at me. I know I deserve it and don't deserve to cum, Madam says she may allow me to buy an orgasm from her for Christmas for £100.00 pounds I am so lucky to have her.


March 2017


Madam Amanda has put me on the pill as a form of long term chemical castration, She laughs when she tells me that I will develop tit's and my cock will shrivel that my spunk will dry up she says she is doing it for my own good and in time I will appreciate the changes in my body and accept that she is right.


January 2017


After being in chastity for what seems like forever My Mistress has allowed my little prick it's freedom. I have begged my Mistress to allow my pathetic little undersized cock to cum, she agreed and I lay at her feet and she told me to masturbate I was so grateful until she pushed her six inch steel heels into my balls and laughed as she told me to wank faster or she would pop them, I couldn't breathe but felt so honored and abused while she hurt and taunted me she made me beg and hold my orgasm until she was ready then she said I had to cum into a paper cup and drink it and watch while she emptied my wallet. I am a weak pathetic excuse for a man but my cruel Mistress makes me complete


October 2016


My cock is just about healed and every time I look at it I am reminded that Madam not only owns me but chose to do this to me. It makes me feel so happy to be controlled on every level. Because I know that while she can be cruel as well as loving she would never endanger my job or family life and that is why I will do anything she tells me. I am now in chastity until January because she said my pathetic little cock deserves nothing but misery.


August 2016




I went to France to visit Madam and she took me to see a very large tattooed lady to have my cock and balls pierced , Who was really nice but scary to look at because she was so big and so tattoed but in a weird way she was so powerful it was really sexy & my cock started to get hard.  Madam Amanda saw and made me get on the floor in the tattoo shop and lick the tattoo lady's patent leather Doc Martins it was amazing.


May 2016


This month I am being taken to have my pathetic little penis and my shrivelled little balls pierced and ringed, Madam Amanda said that as soon as they are healed she is going to padlock my penis to my scrotum. I am afraid but excited I want to please my Mistress but know that it's the end of my life choices, and can only hope that she is kind to me and that I please her.




February 2016


Being forced to pay my mistress for her silence makes my cock so hard it feels like it might burst with the pressure of my built up spunk, I say built up because I never fuck my wife anymore I save it until Madam Amanda allows me the honour of wanking on her shoes or the shoes of Mistress Leigh, licking it off and handing madam the crisp ironed bank notes that she insists on while I kneel in front of her my useless dick exposed for her to laugh at it's all I live for these days, she has told me that she intends to humiliate me this year take photos and add them to her blackmail box.


It's exactly what I deserve!!!


December 2015


My Girlfriend found out that I had been putting spunk in her ice cream everytime she came round, so she brought her brother and his mates round and they made me suck their cocks. Then they held me down and wanked on my face and took pictures of me naked covered in spunk. She is now blackmailing me as well and I fucking love it the more money I pay out in blackmail the less my bitch of a wife gets.......


August 2015


I have now reached an all time low my new girlfriend (yes I am a cunt who is being unfaithful to his wife) refuses to swallow my spunk so I wanked off and mixed some into the ice cream sundae I made her when I cooked her a meal at her flat, every mouthful she swallowed made my cock ache with sick pleasure I couldn't stop myself from wanking on the way home in a supermarket toilet I have wanked myself off in most of them in my area from Tesco to my local total garage I tell my Mistress everything and I have to keep paying her for her silence and that just makes it even better.




May 2015


I have been paying my Divine Mistress £25.00 every month to keep her silence about my dirty filthy perverted secrets, but now she has said I must share my secret's with you.

I have been wanking into both my mother-in-law and my wifes sisters panties when they stay at our house but there is so much more that I have done...........


Madam Amanda's slave (cunt)




I am  looking forward to the (Take away)package I have ordered from Madam Amanda arriving greatly. As soon as it arrives I will take it and eat it while wanking off in the supermarket toilet. Whilst fucking my wife all I have been able to think about is eating Madam Amanda's glorious ambrosia.  However I have never eaten shit before, especially from a Goddess such as Madam  and I don't want to let her down. I have asked her for  any suggestions or instructions? I want to be worthy to eat her shite so much.


You would not believe how hard my little cock gets when the postman arrives in case he has it.  He is a 50 year old fat man with terrible breath and his belly wobbles over his trousers but under his shirt, but I am as hard as a little dicked fuck like me can get!


Madam Amanda's slave (cunt)




Mistress Amanda is glorious. I am one of her blackmailed slaves and write this even as my wife is in the next room.

Madam Amanda is commanding and has discovered my weaknesses with ruthless efficiency. Each time I receive a text or email I am aroused in case it is my Mistress. She has got me to evaluate my fantasies and limits, and has encouraged me beyond. I am at her mercy and would not want it any other way. I would also like to say how professional Madam Amanda has been. Even after a short initial phone call she remembered who I was instantly when calling back several weeks later. Put your fetishes in her hands and you will not be disappointed, I haven't been.


Madam Amanda's slave (cunt)


P.S. My mistress has told me that I have to humiliate myself by wanking off in the supermarket toilet, I will tell you when I have done it.