R.I.P. Nicola Louise
I scattered Nicola Louise's ashes under the comforting shadow of a huge weeping willow tree in the garden in France, I have been waiting for some months for permission from his distant family to scatter his ashes, sadly that permission never came as they were ashamed of who and what Nicola Louise was. Nicola Louise came to me after asking if he could be our Christmas maid at the annual Mistress's Christmas lunch. He arrived at Piccadilly Station, a huge portly man with a large Norfolk turkey under one arm and a massive Christmas pudding under the other,his rolling gait along the platform would have seemed comical to some but to me it just seemed comforting, he greeted me with the words "Ahh Mistress Amanda I pressume." Nicola came for Christmas and never went home to Norfolk because he said for the first time in his life he'd found a family who accepted him and his true home. I would like to think that Nicola Louise right now is dressed in his best Victorian maids uniform serving a new Mistress Nicola Louise Marsden will be sadly missed.