Q. Dear Madam Amanda - NEW


I keep getting the urge to put a plastic bag over my heads and wank my cock would it be safe to do this? anon


A. Dear Anon


I cannot advise or condone this as I am sure you are aware that accidents can happen and its better to find a good mistress to do it with!


Madam Amanda xx




Q. Dear Madam Amanda - NEW


I get turned on by shoving fruit & veg up my arse! it started with a squashy banana but now I am fucking my arse with cucumbers and  aubergines I don't know how to stop. Tommy


A. Dear Tommy


Why stop they say 5 a day is good for you!


Madam Amanda xx




Q. Dear Madam Amanda - NEW


For some reason I can only cum when I fantasise about raping a transvestite I fantasise about dragging a tranny down a back street and holding them down while I fuck their arse, but I would never do this in real life. Do you know any transvestites I could role play this with? Ken Glasgow


A. Dear Ken


I am absoltuly sure there are loads of TV's out there that would love this fantasy, In fact if any of the TV's reading this letter want to get in touch with me I will be happy to pass them your contact details, However non consensual  rape in any form is wrong so please make sure that your role playing requirements are plain and respect your partners boundries.


Madam Amanda xx




Q. Dear Madam Amanda - NEW

Ever since I was a young boy I have fucked the furniture! It started when I used to rub myself up and down on the pillow on my bed, then I used to fuck the sofa down stairs. I stopped but now I’ve started doing it again. Clive



A. Dear Clive

Invest in some antiseptic wet wipes clean up your mess and wank on!


Madam Amanda xx





Q. Dear Madam Amanda

I hate my penis! I want to hurt it and cut it off and when I think about it being cut off I get really excited, it’s the best wank I ever have. cheers Brian


A. Dear Brian

Enjoy your fantasy but remember, cut off your cock and there is no wanking! and that darling would be the end of that!

Madam Amanda xx






Q. Dear Madam Amanda

I have been picking shit out of my arsehole and eating it, will it make me ill?



A. Dear Richard

Rabbits do it so why shouldn't you? Just try to make it part of a well-balanced diet and don’t forget your five a day!


Madam Amanda xx





Q. Dear Madam Amanda

I’ve got a compulsion with buying sex dolls and I keep them in a locked bedroom in my house, but my new girlfriend keeps asking me what's in the locked room? I am scared that if I show her she will leave me, but I don’t want to get rid of my dolls what should I do?

Thanks Steven


A. Dear Steven

If you can afford it rent a small storage unit, keep them there and make it your safe play space.

Madam Amanda xx




Q. Dear Madam


How would I go about doing breath play myself is there a safe way to do it


Dylan, Norfolk


A. Dear Dylan


I cannot stress enough how dangerous it is to try breath play alone.


Madam Amanda xx




Q. Dear Mistress Amanda


Is it normal for me to want my best friend to fuck my girlfriend and make me watch?

I have a fantasy that I catch them fucking then she makes me suck him off.

Am I gay?


Love Tony, Birmingham


A. Dear tony,


No you are a cuckold and there are many men who share this fantasy with you


Madam Amanda xx




Q. Dear Goddess Amanda


I would love to come and be your slave to lick every inch of your body clean.

You could do want you wanted to me I just want to submit myself to you to

do with as you wish.


Yours totally slave worthless


A. Dear slave worthless


What makes you think that I would consider you worthy enough to

do that privileges have to be earned.


Madam Amanda xx




Q. Dear Mummy Amanda,

Me and my wife went to my sister in laws house because

she had just had a baby and

there was some milk in the fridge she had expressed and I drank some it made

my Willy excited and I had to run upstairs and relieve myself into a pair off

her knickers. Now every time I see her I just want to suck on her boobies! How

would I take this further?

Baby Adam


A. Dear Baby Adam

As its your wifes sister it’s probably not a good idea to try to take it further

unless she gives you a clear  indication it’s what she wants.

P.S Don’t let the baby starve!


Madam Amanda xx




      Q. Dear Mistress

      I don’t know if you have ever heard of a place call the taboo cinema but

      I was wanting to go but was unsure as to how safe it would be, as I have

      a family but dream of being used as a dirty slut by many men?

      Sub Slut Sally


      A. Dear Sub Slut Sally

      I do know people who have visited the taboo cinema some have enjoyed

      their time there others have had a bad experiences please be careful!


Madam Amanda xx




      Q. Dear Madam Amanda

      how would I tell my wife of 15 years I want to become a woman

      I have been secretly dressing for years but don’t know how she will

      react, as I still find women sexually attractive and don’t want her to

      think our marriage has been built on a bed of lies?



      A. Dear Diana

      I would find this letter very difficult to answer in just a few lines as

      this would be a life changing decision and should not be taken lightly I

      would suggest that you seek counselling before you disguss this with yous

      wife and if you need any help at all please contact me.


Madam Amanda xx




      Q. Dear Madam Amanda

      when I was at school I had a wank fantasies about my head mistress

      who was very strict who would call me into her office and spank me with

      a ruler then wank me off with her stockings how would I get my girlfriend

      to do this for me ?



      A. Dear Stephan

      just try making a joke and tell her you’ve been a bad boy who needs

      spanking and just judge her reaction.


Madam Amanda xx




      Q.Dear madamAmanda

      I am 85 have prostate cancer and have had a catheter fitted, I pay a lady to come       to my house for sexual excitement when she last came she laughed at me, should

      I stop her coming to the house?

      Many thanks Albert


      A.Dear Albert

      Yes, but that doesn’t mean you should stop any lady coming to the house.

      What you should do is make enquires and find a nice understanding lady because       the lady who laughed at you was obviously a stupid insensitive bitch.


Madam Amanda xx




       Q.Dear mummy,

       I love pushing my cock into cream cakes then spunking into them and I really        want to let my girlfriend eat it without knowing?

       Baby Marky


       A.Dear Baby Marky

       that’s very naughty baby you must not be so sneaky to your girlfriend it really is        not fair. In fact waste not want not, you’ve got to eat all your spunky cream        cakes yourself!


Madam Amanda xx




       Q.Dear mummy

       how would I go about getting the pill to make my Brests grow bigger as I want to        be a sissy girl?

       Lots of love Baby Lily xxxxx


       A.Dear BabyLily

       the most important thing not to do is buy it off the internet as for all you know it        could be full of cat shit, if this is just a faze keep it as a fantasy If you really can’t        bare not to be a real girl with real Brests go and see a doctor.


Madam Amanda xx




       Q.Dear Madam Amanda

       I am really in to CBT but I have visited mistresses in the past and one particular        mistress I saw in London burnt me with a cigarette without asking, which got        infected and I now have a scar on my dick.

       Is this normal in a mistress as I don’t feel confident enough to go and visit another mistress again?


       A.Dear ---

       no baby it’s not you should clearly outline your fantasy and needs and most        importantly your limits I think you were just unlucky which I know is no consolation        to you so just try not to let it put you off.


Madam Amanda xx




     Q.Dear Madam Amanda

     I would like to start this letter off with you knowing that I am blind and have

     been all my life But I am also an adult baby would this affect if I was to visit you ?

     Baby Steve xx


     A.Dear Baby Steve

     not at all I  have several client’s who are ether partially sighted or sadly blind and      we have great fun together if you wanted to join our adoption scheme all our      emails can be sent as audio downloads and a would be visit  just as naughty


Madam Amanda xx




     Q.Dear Madam Amanda

     I have blood in my spunk what do think it is?



     A.Dear ...

     I would suggest you go to see your doctor it will probably be nothing at all and you      may indeed  need a course of antibiotics but it’s a good idea to get it checked.


Madam Amanda xx




     Q.Dear Madam Amanda

     I have been having text chat with one of these text services, but now the woman       wants to meet up and has asked me to give her my bank account details what      should I do, should I trust her ?



     A.Dear Dave

     It is never a good idea to give anyone your details. I have a client who met a lady      on text chat and in the end after a meeting, she did try to blackmail him, I am not      saying that this would always be the case just that you should be careful.


Madam Amanda xx




     Q. Dear Madam Amanda

     I’m a closet homosexual (even my girlfriend doesn’t know) and I would love for

     you to ‘out me’ to her for real via phone or  while you verbally humiliate me on the      phone live. would you do that for me?




     A.Dear Jamie

     before you ask anyone to do this, don’t imagine for one minute that it would be      exciting and sexually enjoyable as a fantasy is fabulous in reality would you really      want to devastate someone that you love or have loved in some way.


Madam Amanda xx




     Q. Dear Madam Amanda

     Do you do financial slavery?



     A. Dear Chris

     We do but I do not believe in taking money and then telling you you’re a worthless cash pig, as I know some mistress do. (all though this is their choice) I personally believe that financial slavery should be dealt with slightly differently.


Madam Amanda xx




      Q. Dear Madam Amanda

      Ever since I started wanking at 12, I have had this fantasy to have my balls cut off       and get really turned on by pictures of women cutting men’s balls off. Would you       do this  for me?



      A. Dear Sean

      You fantasy is a very common one BUT having them chopped off by someone who       is not medically qualified would not be good for your health.


Madam Amanda xx




      Q. Dear Mistresses

      My name is John, I would love to come be your little bitch that you can treat how       you like and shit on me as much as you want. I would also love you to make me       clean you after and swallow your delicious shit. I love your website; especially the videos are they real life sessions or are they set up like a lot of the other

      mistresses videos out there?


      A. Dear John

      Everything that I do is real. Sadly that usually gets me in to trouble I know that lots of other mistresses find what I do to be disgusting, in fact lots of other mistresses won’t even link with our website. So yes the videos are real, feel free to call me to make an appointment and I will open my arse and provide you with a meal.


Madam Amanda xx




     Q. Dear madam Amanda

     my name is tom, I adore worshipping women's sweaty smelly feet when they have      been on there feet all day in sexy high heeled shoes or boots, when their feet have      become all sweaty, sticky & smelly. The problem is I want to do this to my girlfriend      but don’t know if she will go for it. How would I go around asking her for it?




     A. Dear tom

     Start off by telling her that you image that her feet must sore after she has been

     in heels all day, and how you would like to rub them to make her feel better,

     because you love her so much. While you are rubbing them, tell her how even her      feet are sexy and that how everything about her drives you crazy. Show her that      you have a hard cock, just because you are rubbing her feet hopefully she will be

     flattered and you can take it from there.


Madam Amanda xx




     Q. Dear Madam Amanda

     I have become sexually attracted to my settee am I mental or is this a  fetish ?



     A. Dear Guy

     It is a recognised fetish called object sexuality or objectum sexuality this is when

     an individual may feel strong feelings of attraction love and commitment to certain      items or structures of there fixation if you would like to talk please feel free to telephone  me.


Madam Amanda xx





     Q. Dear Madam Amanda

     Could I make an appointment for my girlfriend ?



     A. Dear Jack

     No we will see your girlfriend but she must make her own appointment and must      speak to me herself, so I know it's what she really wants.


Madam Amanda xx




     Q. Dear Madam Amanda

      I am a very large man I am a woman’s size 36 and enjoy dressing I have seen       other mistress but they have turned me away or have not had anything to fit me       do you have  facility to suit me  ?

      Thanks Ron


      A. Dear Ron

      Does it really matter what size you are? we are all the same on the inside

      and yes darling we have clothes right up to a size 40 and beyond.


Madam Amanda xx




     Q. Dear Madam Amanda

     I like to feel humilted  in public do you have any ideas as to how I can do this.



     A. Dear Harry

     Thousands too many to put here, ring me or look at the website, I am sure you will  get some ideas from there.


Madam Amanda xx





     Q. Dear Madam Amanda,

     I am17 and would like to eat shit can I come for a visit.



     A. DearTony

     Sadly it is my policy not to see young people. You have a whole lifetime in front of      you. Come back to me when you have lived another10 years of it.


Madam Amanda xx





     Q. Dear Madam Amanda

     I am76 years of age I recently lost my wife and I feel very guilty because I still      have fantasies about cross dressing. Do you see people who are older and

     does this make me a sad

     person? I really loved my wife and feel disloyal?

     Thank you, Frank


     A. Dear Frank,

     No, your love for your wife is unquestionable, but we still have needs, it doesn’t      mean you're bad, just in need of some sort of comforting relief and age is just a      number.


Madam Amanda xx




     Q. Hi Nanny Amanda

     I live in Canada and have seen your baby adoption on your website. Do you adopt      babies from overseas?

     Thanks Baby John


     A. Dear Baby John

     Of course Baby. I have American, Isralie and South African babies. We will be

     happy to welcome you to our family and we can send all

     your gifts via the post and downloads


Madam Amanda xx




     Q.Dear Madam Amanda

     My name is Jake and I have a gorgeous girlfriend but I fantasize about having sex      with a tranny. Why is this? As everytime I have a wank over it I feel sick      afterwards. Does this make me gay?



     A. Dear Jake

     No it doesn’t make you gay, it just makes you horny. There are lots of straight men who enjoy wanking over transvestites, after all who wouldn’t.


Madam Amanda xx




     Q. Dear madam Amanda,

     I am married to a woman I really love but I am a regular visitor of gay massage      parlours, I have been since before we were married, it doesn’t mean I love her

     any less , but I have recently found out I have contracted an STI.

     I don’t know how to tell her but am concerned I may have passed it on,

     what should I do? Should I tell her so she can get treatment and ruined

     my marriage in the process or should I say nothing and try to give her

     antibiotics some how? Any help would be greatly appreciated .

     Thank you Anon




     A. Dear Anon,

     I really have mixed feelings about this, if you are truly sorry and love your

     wife and have no intentions of doing this again I would say DO NOT SAY THIS WAS CONTRACTED FROM HAVING CASUAL GAY SEX, say it was a stupid

     drink fuelled one night stand with a woman AND GET HER MEDICAL HELP NOW.

     Fuck your feelings, think of the innocents affected by your stupidity, that’s

     what condoms are for. If you have no intention of stopping, tell her

     the truth and give her a chance of happiness. Please make sure you

     take the blame for this don’t ruin her faith in men give her and your kids the

     chance to be happy with someone who is not pretending to be heterosexual

     it will make you both happier if you are honest to yourself, I see lots of

     men who like to suck cock, there’s no shame in that but they take precautions

     because they love their wives.  I respect both them and the love they have for

     their partners and know how much their wives and family's mean to them,

     we all have needs and I am all for servicing them safely and with due care.

     Please get your wife to a doctor like the decent man I am sure you are


Madam Amanda xx






     Q. Dear madam Amanda

     I really want to fuck my mother in law because she is a right dirty slag,

     I am sure she wants me because she keeps giving me the eye and is

     always wearing short skirts. I really what to fuck her but don’t know

     how to approach it and if I do will she tell my wife, can you give me

     a few ideas please ?

     From Simon


     A. Dear Simon,

     If she really is a slag you’re a lucky boy, but tread carefully she may be

     sending the wrong signals, drop a few hints how gorgeous and sexy you

     think she is maybe even joke about how you wish that you were both single

     and see how she reacts. If she’s keen you’ll know it but be prepared for one

     fucking explosive ride if you're found out and be aware that it may cost

     you're wife her husband and her mother and is that what you really want?

     Maybe it’s great as a wank fantasy but if you have children think

     what it will do to them.


Madam Amanda xx





     Q. Dear madam Amanda

     Do you know any way I could take myself to the brink of uncociousness ,as I am      new to breath play and know you could end up dead if you are not careful, but I      don’t know how to fulfil my fantasy without risking my safety ?

     From dylan


     A. Dear Dylan

     Breath play is very dangerous and there are many ways to enjoy it.

     Some people do it with a belt and a lemon, the idea being that if you start

     to pass out you bite the lemon and it brings you round, but don’t believe

     it and don’t do it. Go to a mistress that knows what she is doing. Life is

     precious as are your loved ones, please think of them as well as yourself

     and be safe because you don't want to be a dead Dylan.


Madam Amanda xx




     Q. Dear madam Amanda

     I am 46 years old and was born with cerebral palsy. I have always tried to be

     honest with any mistress I have spoken to but the moment they find out about by      disability they say they are booked up and cant see me. So I tried a few times

     to get appointments by not telling them, but as soon as I turn up they turn me

     away, or they will take me, but as my fetish is domination and bondage they

     tie me up wrong and don’t understand when I say I am in real pain. I heard

     on a forum that you are a understanding mistress who considerers her clients,

     is there any way you could help me ?

     thank you

     From Thomas , Reading


     A. Dear Thomas,

     I was so sad to get your email, I have a client who is now one of my greatest

     friends who also has a form of this problem. He is fantastic company, witty,

     intelligent and fun to be with. He too enjoys bondage and domination. Yes

     you do have to do things slightly differently, but I stress the word slightly,

     it really is no different to someone who has weight issues or arthritis etc

     so all I can say is FUCK THEM for their bullshit ignorance and remember

     we are always here. The only difference between you and them is that you

     can see that you have a physical disability their’s is a mental one and you

     can’t see that.


Madam Amanda xx





     Q. Dear mummy Amanda

     I am starting a baby collection and was wondering if you knew any places

     I could get baby stuff, but I am on a budget. Any suggestions would be great.

     From baby Billy


     A. Hello Baby.

     I get asked this question lot’s and there are lot’s of places on the Internet,

     eBay etc. I have never really supplied baby things but do get asked to do so

     quite a lot, so as from this month we will be supplying nappies and from

     August we will be supplying a baby starter pack which will include :

     Five disposable nappies, a pair of plastic pant’s, a simple but pretty baby dress,

     sock’s, dummy, baby bottle, baby birth certificate and babification / story time CD.

     The cheapest I can supply this for £175.00 + PP so watch the web site.


Madam Amanda xx





     Q. Dear mummy Amanda

     I live in Pembrokeshire and it really hard to get any baby stuff. Do you know

     where I could get adult nappies from ?

     From baby Adam


     A. Hi Baby Adam,

     Baby Billy asked me the same question and as I explained watch this space.

     Love Mummy Amanda


Madam Amanda xx





     Q. Dear mummy Amanda

     My girlfriend found a baby mag I bought from a sex shop and she has accused me of being a kiddie pervert and paedophile. I am scared sick she will tell her mates

     as her best friend is going out with one of my rugby mates, what should I do?

     From Baby Brian


     A. Dear Brian,

     Firstly I truly know how you feel, I to have had accusations levelled at me

     because we do age play and incest scenarios, even though I can assure you

     that these people speak through a mouth full of ignorance. I do understand

     this is no comfort in your situation, tell her a lie if you feel she wont

     understand the truth, say it was something you found in the toilet at

     work and curiosity got the better of you and that you wanted to have

     a laugh with your mates about it. I truly wish society was more

     enlightened but sadly they are not and people fear what they don’t understand


Madam Amanda xx







     Q. Dear mummy

     My name is sissy boy Ben and my fantasy is for a big black man to come to

     my place of work one night, when everyone has gone home and rape me,

     calling me his white slut.

     Why do I only fantasize about black men with big cocks. I love your telephone      scenarios.



     A. Dear Ben,

     You know what they say once you've had black you never go back. Don't beat      yourself up over your fantasy, life's far to shit to worry over what really shouldn't      be worried about. Buy a big black dildo, close your eyes and enjoy.


Madam Amanda xx




     Q. Dear madam Amanda,

     I have been seeing a mistress regularly for about 6 years and receiving

     enemas off her, but unfortunately I have been hit by the credit crunch and

     can no longer see her due to unemployment, I phoned her up and told her

     this and asked her if she knew a way I could achieve an enema on my own,

     she responded by telling me to fuck off  and she was not going to tell me

     valuable advice for free, And to not ring her until I had some money.

     This has offended me as I though I had meant something to her as I

     was a regular slave . Is there any way I could give myself an enema ?



     A. Of course, I suggest as you are a novice you go to any chemist and ask

     for an over the counter enema. Read the instructions and then off you go, as you      gain confidence read as much as you can on the internet and you can expand your      horizons. And as for your mistress don’t let it worry you to much what goes around      comes around any further problems email me.


Madam Amanda xx




     Q. Dear madam Amanda

     Ever since I could remember I have been turned on by wee and poo. I know

     this is a specialist fetish but when I have approached certain mistresses

     about wanting to be covered in shit and cling filmed I have been told I am

     a dirty bastard and told to never call again, it is affecting any relationship I

     have as I can not reach a climax. Madam is there anything you do ?

     Love steve


     A. Dear Steve,

     Not every mistress deals with toilet sports and while I think calling you a dirty      bastard was wrong and they should know better you have to understand if they      don’t do it they probably don’t understand it. If your partner have never indicated

     a liking for toilet play you could maybe tell your girlfriend that your mate at work

     and his girlfriend indulge in watersports and gauge her reaction you never know      she MIGHT have a go as for hard sports that’s a different story and if you love

     your girlfriend and don’t want to jeopodise your relationshu may have to

     visit a mistress and just fantasise when with your girlfriend.


Madam Amanda xx




     Q. Dear madam Amanda

     My long term partner recently came home early on a night out with friends and      caught me dressed in her clothes, she went ballistic and not spoke about it since, I don’t know how to broach the subject without her getting angry and leaving me, I      want to explain to her that I am not gay just like to dress in womans clothes. How can I do this ?

     Anthony Birmingham


     A. Dear Anthony,

     When we are shocked its sometimes easier not to confront the problem and just      ignore it and maybe that’s what shes doing if you cant find a way of explaining to      her write her a letter tell her how much you love her and either tell her the

     truth or just bull shit tell her that you miss her so much when shes not

     there that wearing her things makes you feel better or that she's so

     sexy that wearing and smelling her things turns you on and that you have

     NEVER felt that way about any other woman than her.


Madam Amanda xx




     Q. Dear madam Amanda

     I found out my wife was having an affair with her boss she stopped

     as soon as she found out I knew. But since then I cant stop thinking

     about them together . How do I get her to start seeing him again as I

     get turned on by thinking about other men fucking her ?

     Thanks george


     A. Dear George

     Your not on your own loads of men feel the same try telling her you love

     her so much you would let her do anything rather than lose her but

     remember if she does fuck off with another man it will be a lot of lonely

     wanks for you george.


Madam Amanda xx




     Q. Dear Madam Amanda

     I am over six feet  and ,fifteen stone a happily married   father of two with

     a lovely wife and yet I fantasize about sucking another mans cock. I have

     successful business and any scandal would ruin it all , I am fighting my own

     sexuality and yet I am sure I am not gay. Can you help me to understand




     A. Dear Roy

     To perform or to have oral sex performed on you does not make you gay,

     although I would always suggest you make sure condoms are used.

     The most exciting things sexually can be sometimes those most removed

     from your normal sexual appetites, many of what would ordinarily be

     considered by most people as horrendous none sexual feelings for

     e.g. humiliation degradation etc. can in fact trigger immense sexual

     excitement in others. So in truth, as long as what you do does not affect

     those you love then I really think you should consider if these fantasies

     are something you need to pursue, should you decide to do so please be

     careful and don't allow yourself to become so carried away that you

     make either yourself or your family vulnerable.

     Take care


Madam Amanda xx




     Q. Dear Madam Amanda

     I would like to see a mistress but the last one I went to told me I

     was a' fat bastard' and I have never been to see one since .

     should I try again.



     A. Dear Anon

     When I read this letter the first words that came to mind was stupid

     ignorant cow, and then I realised how offensive that was to the  cow.

     So lets reason this out,  and think of more applicable words like

     uneducated, illiterate,  mindless,  self obsessed,  insulting,  arrogant,

     insensitive, unfeeling, unprofessional,. and even if you are overweight

     so what,. life's for living. Always remember your a long time dead so don't

     credit her with the intelligence to make an informed decision  about who or

     what you are just forget her and remember my little saying step over shit

     don't walk through it.


Madam Amanda xx




     Q. Dear Mistress Amanda

     I am a TV who believes she was born into the wrong body,and I would

     like to speak to a Doctor (not my G.P.at this stage) who may help me.



     A. Dear Debbie

     I suggest you contact  Russell Reid in London,Telephone me for his number.

     Good luck


Madam Amanda xx




     Q. Dear Mistress Amanda,

     I have been dressing for a long time, and my partner fully understands

     and gives me lots of advice and help in choosing what to wear, and on

     make-up, but I feel I want to go out dressed up, the only question is, where

     do we go out to, how do we find out what places it would be acceptable for

     me to go dressed up and not made to feel out of place.

     Signed Lesley



     A. Dear Lesley,

     There are several good organisations that can help you, The Beaumont

     Trust will be able to give you a list of T.V. friendly venues. Lots of them are

     places that you and your partner can enjoy together. One such place is

     Northern Concourse, which holds meetings every week on Wednesday

     evenings. There are facilities for you to change if you feel uncomfortable

     going already dressed.

     Just relax, and we hope you have fun, enjoy your evenings out,


Madam Amanda xx




     Q. Dear Mistress Amanda,

     I went to a mistress because I like humiliation and bondage, but at the

     end of the session I just felt very cheated. I enjoy cross dressing because

     I like the feel of the clothing on my skin, and I like the bondage because it

     means I have no control, but all that happened at this session, was the

     Mistress shouted at me all the time, saying I was a freak (I am not a freak

     just because I like to dress), and as for bondage?. I was tied up with rope

     that cut into my wrists and ankles. At the end of the session, I made the

     mistress aware that I was not happy with the way things had gone, but I

     was told that As she was the mistress, it was up to her how she treated me,

     and it was not my place to question her.

     How will I find a mistress who knows just what I want and who also

     genuinely enjoys what she does?

     Desperately yours. Shelly.


     A. Dear Shelly,

     There are some Very good Mistresses, but unfortunately there are some

     women who   "Like to call themselves mistress" but who are no more a

     mistress than you are. There is a huge difference between Domination,

     Humiliation, and Sheer Verbal Abuse, and unfortunately there are some

     women who call themselves Mistresses who have no idea of the difference.

     Don't give up looking, when you meet the right mistress, you will know, and

     I am sure she will have been worth the search.


Madam Amanda xx




     Q. Dear Mistress Amanda,

     I am writing to you, as I don't know who to turn to without being thought

     a dirty old man, you see, I am 68, and I lost my wife last year after having

     a marriage of 40 years, but you see the problem is this, after my wife died,

     I kept her clothes because it meant I was keeping a part of her, but then

     I found myself wearing them, I love the smell of my departed wife on the

     clothes, but I feel now as if I want more, and I have recently bought

     some new clothes via Mail Order I now feel I am missing more than my wife.

     Also, Please don?t think bad off me, but I miss that personal closeness that

     I shared with my wife and have been masturbating but cannot orgasm.

     Does this make me disloyal.

     Please help me Tom.


     A. Dear Tom

     This is not the first time that I have heard this, I have clients in very similar

     situations to yours, right up to their late seventies, The way you feel now is a      testament to the love you felt for your wife. To have wanted to wear her

     clothing, is a natural way of feeling physical closeness to the partner you

     have lost. A mistress can never possibly take the place of your wife, and

     neither you nor she would want that. But what the right mistress could

     do is handle your emotional situation with feeling and direction, which

     would then enable you hopefully to feel the sense of fulfillment. Your failure

     to climax should not be an issue with a good Mistress and you can get lots

     of sexual pleasure even without a climax and for you to indulge in

     self-stimulation does not make you disloyal, 99% of the population

     does it at some point in their life including me.


Madam Amanda xx




      Q. Dear Mistress Amanda

      I Love the feeling of being whipped, it makes me feel so good, I don't

      suppose you will understand what I mean, but what I am worried about

      is this. How do I find a place that is hygienic and safe, and also somewhere

      that will respect my limitations, I would also like to try Anal penetration,

      but I have read of so many horror stories, of people who have tried Anal

      penetration, but have also been hurt badly by the implement used by

      the mistress.

      Please advise me Martin.


      A. Dear Martin

      I can assure you that I do understand how you feel, but I am unable to

      answer your question in a cut and dried way. All I can advise is that you

      make your initial contact via the telephone, ask several pertinent questions,

      when you have made your choice of the mistress you intend to visit,

      establish your "Safe" word, and ground rules i.e. Marks etc., Insist on

      the highest standards of hygiene at all times, even asking if you may

      take your  own "Butt" plug, Dildo etc. until you have built up a rapport

      and trust in your chosen mistress.


Madam Amanda xx




      Q. Dear Mistress Amanda,

      I am into Heavy Corporal Punishment, and domination, but I have since

      read about someone leaving an establishment, to find police waiting outside,

      to arrest clients, Surely if it is not against the law and if I am not kerb crawling

      the streets, and whipping is what I want and prefer, then nothing can

      be done against me or the person who I choose to administer the said





      A. Dear Anon

      The law in this country treats what I am, and what I do, and what you

      want, as a very grey area. As a rule, If the mistress is not causing a nuisance,

      the Police will leave her alone, and in turn, also her clients, A good mistress

      will put discretion above self promotion, so make sure you choose a

      mistress who values her own privacy as much as she should  yours.


Madam Amanda xx




     Q. Dear Mistress Amanda.

     I have been cross-dressing for a number of years, and luckily my wife

     knows and tolerates it, as long as I am discrete, and I don't dress when

     our children are around. The question is, I wish to have Breasts, but I don't

     know what is the best step, Implants or hormones.

     Signed Jane


     A. Dear Jane

     This is a huge step, and one Not to be taken lightly, if you were single,

     and were seriously considering spending your life full time as a woman,

     I would suggest you visit your GP or if not comfortable with your own GP,

     then another GP, which could be recommended by the Beaumont Trust.

     You would then in turn be recommended to a Gender counselor. But before

     you take this step, consider in real terms, your present circumstances in

     relation to your wife and children. Remember that every action has a

     Reaction and what would that mean to your wife and children. If after

     considering all this you are still of the same frame of mind, make your

     first telephone call.


Madam Amanda xx




      Q. Dear Mistress Amanda,

      I am 18 years old, and was looking at the magazines on the top

      shelves at the newsagents, and came across stories and pictures of

      bondage, cross dressing, and other things I could only dream about,

      The reason I was looking at these magazines, is that I have a steady

      girlfriend, but feel as if something is missing, and I would love to experiment,

      but don't think my girlfriend is interested. When I look at these magazines,

      I keep thinking that I wish it were me undergoing what is happening to the

      people in the magazines, What do you suggest?

      Regards, Lee


      A. Dear Lee

      At your age, I think you are a bit too young to commit to a relationship

      until you have experienced your fantasies and know what you really

      want out of life, so live a little, and remember, Rome wasn't built in a day.



Madam Amanda xx












































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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If you have a problem or a question that you would like Madam Amanda to help with please email: