Miss Labia's Adventures Dear Madam Amanda Miss Labia's adventures Step by Step. I aim to record her transition from an ordinary woman to a hot wife and in doing so expose my own fantasies. I hope you like it. Your horny eunuch toni Chapter One Hello boys (and ladies) My name is Miss Labia I'd always been somewhat unadventurous sexually but all that changed one day on a bike ride in the countryside. After 10 years with my husband, Toni, our routine was all too predictable. Every few days he'd pester me for relief. I'd not had much experience before we were married and hadn't realised how small his cock was - barely 4" when erect and a shy and retiring 1-2" the rest of the time - no speedos for him on the beach. LOL! To compound it he never lasted more than a couple of minutes before cumming, which was something that I never got to achieve with him. Still, at least it was all over soon enough and I could get back to sleep or with whatever else I'd been doing. I'd got into cycling at the time and a colleague at work was a regular cyclist and offered to take me out for a ride in the country one weekend. He was married with kids and I thought safe enough. A bit older than me, Peter was tall & slim like my Toni but I'd never really found myself attracted to him, though I enjoyed his company. It was a glorious sunny day and everything was going fine until a rabbit chose the wrong moment to run across the road just in front of me. I swerved and went tumbling down the grassy embankment at the side of the road. Luckily I wasn't hurt but was really shaken up and crying with the shock more than anything else. Pete was down straight away and soon had his arms reassuringly around me. After what seemed like a few minutes the tears cleared and I found myself gazing into his eyes and saying thank you. I didn't mean to kiss him but it seemed so natural at the time and I wasn't thinking. He responded and we were soon in a passionate embrace. Fortunately we were out of sight of the road and on a quiet stretch because before I knew it I was feeling his bulging cock through his tight cycling shorts. I lay back on the soft grass and pulled down his shorts to reveal his now fully erect cock - it was easily twice the size of Toni's little fella. He returned the favour and I felt him gently but firmly ease into my now wet pussy. Oh my god it felt so amazing I'd never been filled like this before and eventually I came for the first time with a man. That sent him over the edge and he came inside me, filling me with his spunk. We lay together for a while, enjoying the moment in the sunshine as we caught our breath. I guess we both felt a little guilty but I had such a warm glow from my orgasm that my embarrassment wasn't too great. I remember him telling me before that he'd had the snip after having 5 daughters with his wife so the lack of protection wasn't so worrying. We cleaned ourselves up, he checked the bike was ok and off we went, on a rather shorter ride than we'd intended. That afternoon I got home to find Toni ready for some action - the combination of tight cycling gear and sweat really turns him on. After what I'd done earlier I could hardly say no. He soon had me stripped and was pushing his little willy inside me. I could barely tell he was in me he was so small and I was so wet with the mix of my juices and Pete's cum - he must've thought I was really turned on by my bike ride and by him. The thought of that made me feel horny and after he'd shot his load after the usual few seconds I kept him inside me so that he could feel Pete's cum all over his tiny penis. Things would never be the same again, but I never thought at the time quite how much things would change. Bye for now Miss Labia Chapter Two Hello again After my first, unexpected, sexual encounter with Pete, I guess I could've put it down to the heat of the moment and never let it happen again (see Chapter 1). But then I thought why? Toni's not exactly doing it for me and he seemed to enjoy the aftershow. It's not like we're hurting anyone - Pete's clean and with as much to lose as me. So I convinced myself over the next week or so waiting for our next ride. That morning I was getting wet with anticipation as I pulled on my tightest cycle kit. I'm a bit taller than average, about 5'7" and let's say bootylicious. Toni always says my rear is one of my best features - a rounded 38" to squeeze and I've come to love my bum. With just a thong underneath the lycra I knew Pete would be wanting to ride behind me today to appreciate my assets! This time our encounter was no accident and when we cycled out into the countryside Pete knew exactly where we were heading. After about half an hour we pulled off the road and along a small footpath into some woods. After a few yards we came to a clearing, discretely concealed from the road. I'd packed a picnic blanket and we were soon getting intimate in the sunshine, only the birds for company. At the time it didn't occur to me to ask him how he know about such a great secluded spot. We were well away from the nearest farm house and I soon felt completely relaxed with Pete. This was no less passionate than our first encounter but less rushed. We were kissing and petting each other like teenagers and before long he was lifting my top over my head to pay more attention to my small boobies, licking and sucking them, taking each in turn all in his mouth. After a while I stood up and turned round, presenting my pert ass to him. "I think you were admiring this earlier - would you like a closer look?". I teased him by slowly pulling down my shorts to reveal my cheeks perfectly framed by the thong. Kneeling, he kissed and squeezed my cheeks and I could see between my legs that he was really straining to keep his erection in his shorts. "Looks like you need to get out of those" I said and turned to help him out of his shorts and pants. There it was waving in my face. I'd never been into the idea of blow jobs - maybe Toni's little thing didn't inspire me - but I couldn't stop myself putting this into my mouth. Or at least as much as I could fit! After paying some attention to his shaft and stroking his balls I was horny as hell and needed him somewhere else. I lay back down on the blanket and he helped me out of my thong. Both of us were now naked, in the middle of nowhere, on a perfect summer's morning. Teasingly at first he entered my with the tip of his shaft and I moaned with pleasure. Slipping his head in and out, leaking his precum on my lips. Finally he entered me fully - I was already sopping wet but still gasped to accommodate him. Sex with Toni hadn't prepared me for this and my first wave of orgasm swept over me. Pete was starting to work up a sweat and was pushing me through more layers of pleasure than I'd ever even fantasised about. I must've been screaming his name by the time he finally came inside me and I held him tight as he spasmed load after load of his spunk deep inside me. We held each other tight for some time as his erection slowly subsided. I didn't want the moment to end and I knew that I wanted more of this. I'd never realised what great sex could be like and there was no way I was going back to my old ways. He slipped out of me and I instinctively moved down to take him in my mouth, the taste of our combined juices was just so right. After I'd cleaned him up - we didn't want his wife finding out after all - we dressed and cycled home. It was nearly lunch time when I arrived back and Toni had been busy tidying the house and preparing lunch. I kissed him and led him to the bedroom. Pushing him onto the bed I told him to strip and seconds later he was on his back, naked, with his weenie litle cock standing to attention. I'd been teasing him for the last 2 weeks, telling him to save himself for this moment so he was fully pent up with desire. I lowered my soaking pussy onto him. I was ready to dribble Pete's cum over his cock so had to move quickly. There was no way I could feel him inside me so I had to look down to see if he was in. When I looked up I saw on his face that he'd already spunked in my pussy and I'd done no more than lower myself over his cock! I rocked myself over his dick for a minute or two then lifted off him, leaving a sticky trail of cum down to his now shrunken little 1" maggot. This was the total opposite of the fucking that Pete had given me. "Well that's not quite what I was hoping for" I lied. I moved up the bed and lowered my pussy over his mouth. "I think you need to give me some more stimulation!". A cruel feeling came over me and made me horny as hell. Here I was, straddling my husbands face, making him lick my lovers spunk out of my fanny and I was loving the thought. He was an unsuspecting cuckold and he was getting more than he deserved. Much as I was enjoying his attention, so was Toni as his little willy was soon puffing up to his full 4" maximum, barely half the size of Pete. The stimulation of me riding his face and filling his mouth with spunk soon had him spurting again, leaving a little string of cum over his pubes. I carried on until I climaxed from the thrill of knowing what I'd done to my husband and the fun yet to come.