The Memoirs of Melanie The Cross Dressing Sissy Faggott { Scroll Down for earlier blogs } November 2017 Madam has just said that I am to be the star attraction at a party she is having in France after Christmas I am to be the "Cum Dump" I am so very excited. I do love being used and abused laughed at and called a small dicked slut but Madam said it's only French men who are paying for my services so I won't be able to understand them but Madam said she will translate. She also said if she is offered enough money they can take me home for the weekend. I can't wait to be a French mans Sissy whore. August 2017 I was loaned out to one of Madams friends in June & July she had split up from her husband and wanted a cleaner and odd job person she made me sleep in a large comfortable dog bed at the end of her bed for security. Then She started making me lick her pussy every night when she couldn't sleep and when I got hard she would beat my penis with a penis whip. I have never been so happy and felt so wanted but now she has a new boyfriend and I have been sent back to Madam. She said I did so well she may rent me out again. How wonderful! March 2017 Pauline was away for three weeks and I had to stay at Madam Amandas for 10 days. She made me open the door dressed as a maid to her Dungeon clients, and then not only was I made to suck cock when instructed to, but I also had to lick clean the cock and balls of every single man who had wanked himself off or even worse kneel in front of Madams clients while they wanked into my mouth or over my face. Madam took pictures for Pauline and now she's threatening to send them to my friends. I have no escape Women own me! January 2017 Pauline is going to the states with her new boyfriend this summer and Amanda has informed me that I will be working as a cock sucker for her while Pauline is away. I don't know whether to laugh or cry either way I lose. October 2016 Mr Patel Is in his late thirties and very fit Pauline thinks he is a lovely man and he is now delivering our paper himself on Saturday mornings. I have to make him coffee and toast after he has had sex with Pauline in our lounge, I can tell he thinks I am pathetic. He has told pauline he is Bi Sexual and Pauline say's he is going to fuck my bottom to pay both our grocery and paper bill's from now on, as he has set us an account up at his shop. I have been stretching my bottom for several month's using one of Madam Amanda's bottom stretching kit's because I even failed Madam when she couldn't get her strap-on in my arse. He does not have a very fat cock but it is long! I hope I don't upset or let Pauline down because Madam said if I do she will leave me with my cock sewn to my ball's for a week. August 2016 Oh my god I am now in the spare room and Pauline is fucking and sucking her way through my friends, she calls me in after they leave and makes me lick spunk from her pussy and now shes threatening to make me suck my bosses dick and lick his spunk out of her cunt after she has made me watch him fuck her! She is also saying that the Asian gentleman who owns our newsagents is next on her list! April 2016 Pauline has left me! she said my useless little cock has become disgusting to look at, she said she is going to take me for every penny and leave me broke, unless I agree to live in the spare room and be her full time housemaid and agree to be hired out and whored out to her friends. I want to say no! and let her leave forever, but I can't it excites me to be treated like a piece of shit and to see her pussy over flowing with other men's spunk. I know I am going to beg her to come back because I really am the weak piece of shit she say's I am. February 2016 Pauline has told me that she is going to leave me unless I agree to her going onto an escort site, not just that but she wants me to be advertised as her CUM cleaning spunk slut, she has also said that she wants me to sleep with a giant BUTT PLUG up my bottom so that I am loose enough to take plenty of cock! I don't want to do it but I know I will because I love her even though she treats me like the pathetic cunt that she says I am. I want to say NO but I know I won't! December 2015 Pauline has told me we are going to a party at her bosses house on new years eve she has been sucking him off almost every week since her promotion and spitting the spunk into a glass for me to drink when she gets home she says couples should share everything. He got divorced this year and since then pauline has been his fuck toy he's offered her a Mercedes company car if she takes the starring role at his new years orgy and makes me watch. I am so ashamed not just because shes a slag but because I know my little cock will get hard! August 2015 Pauline has turned her attention to the new butcher who has opened a shop in the village he is younger and fitter than me with big muscles and pauline tells me a massive cock she said he just lifts her skirt pulls her knickers to one side and fucks her like an animal and that I have never made her feel like a woman, so from now on she is going to treat me like a pathetic little bitch and she's bought a strap-on off the internet to further humiliate me when the butcher comes round to show me his sausage!!!!!!! May 2015 Pauline has been fucking our next door neighbour, she invited him round on Friday night while his wife was away for the weekend, and told me I could either sleep in the car or the spare room. He slept in my bed with my wife although I don't think they got much sleep because all I could hear was the sound of Pauline screaming. On Saturday morning she made me cook breakfast and serve it to them in bed and then she told me I had to stay and watch how a real man fucked after he'd cum in cunt for the last time she made me lick her out and it tasted fabulous ! It is amazing how much of a cock loving cunt I have become since those early days of just dressing and make up. I never thought that I would be a faggott and nor would Pauline. She does see me as a weak effeminate man though, so not far wrong. Only last week Pauline was away and I went to a sleazy porn cinema in Digbeth in Birmingham. I went into the toilets and dressed as Melanie in a short skirt, black lacy top stockings and white blouse with patent heels and a bobbed wig. Plenty of black eyes and red lips of course. The cinema is split into two and I went into the right hand side. It was dark and I lent against the wall till my eyes adjusted. No sooner had I done that than I felt hands on me from behind and a guy pushing back on me from in front. Hands were everywhere and I felt so good feeling that they found me attractive and wanted me. I felt a hard cock pushing at my bottom and my skirt being lifted. The guy in front turned round and pushed me to my knees. I was faced with two gorgeous cocks and took turns to kiss and suck each. Clearly one guy was getting too horny and he pulled me up, bent me over and pulled my knickers down. He entered me very quickly and began to pump my pussy hard. He didn't take long to unload into me. He then just left while the guy who had been in front took his place and took his turn for sloppy seconds. It felt like heaven with other guys watching and feeling me up at the same time. I stayed the afternoon and while I did not get any more cum dumped in my pussy I got three loads in my mouth before I left. I adore being wanted by real men and just love giving them pleasure, anyway they want it. Love Melanie xoxox My name is Melanie and I suppose you would now call me a cross dressing sissy faggott. I was not always like this and am still married but unable to satisfy my wife as you can imagine. She no longer let's me near her and I don't blame her. My thoughts are elsewhere anyway and I now belong to Madam Amanda. Pauline knows nothing of my sordid life. I had been playing at being a sissy for a while, dressing and experimenting with clothes and make up and toys. I had got off on porn and phone sex and started to venture out to see if men would look at me and desire me. I love being looked at and wanted. I finally found a country park with a toilet where I heard men went looking for "girls" like me. After a few trips to check it out I summoned up the courage to go in the loo and lock myself into a cubicle where I transformed into my female alter ego Melanie. After a while a man came into the other cubicle and he took away a paper that was covering a hole and looked at me. He passed through notes telling me to stand up, turn round, lift my skirt etc. I was dressed in pretty polly black stockings with suspenders and bra and a short skirt and a see through blouse with high heels. After making me perform for him for a little while he stood up and pushed his cock through the hole. It was the most beautiful cock I had ever seen. Not to big but long and hard and it curved up. I was immediately in love with it and sank down and took it in my mouth. I sucked and kissed and licked that lovely weapon. He stopped me before he was about to cum and told me to meet him outside. He said he was going to have me but not there. He asked if I had somewhere to go and I finally agreed that he could come to my home. Pauline was out and I wanted him so bad that I was prepared to take any risk. We went back to my house and straight up to the bedroom. He pushed me onto the bed and started to look around. I tried to stop him but he pushed me and slapped me so I sat down. He got out some of Pauline's clothes and told me to put them on. He asked me for a picture of my wife naked. I said she would not do that but found him one of Pauline on a beach in a skimpy top and short skirt. She has a very petite figure like Kylie with small tits and big nipples. He liked the photo and told me to lie on the bed on my back with my head over the edge. He got his cock out and wanked it in front of my face. He pushed his cock into my mouth and fucked my face hard. He then turned me over and put Pauline's photo on my back as he entered me and fucked me. He called me a cunt slut and a cum whore as he forced himself inside me then he told me what he would like to do to Pauline as he shot his load deep in my pussy ass he called out Pauline's name. Then he told me to get on all fours and he milked me like a cow until I came over Pauline's picture on the bed and then he made me lick it clean and took it away with him. After he had gone I lay there feeling so used and degraded but at the same time so content and fulfilled. Love Melanie xoxox