20 Things to do with a Krispy Kreme Do-Nut


(Curtesy of a Doughnut loving Client)


1. Stuff it up my slaves BUM.


2. Eaten from the heel of my SHOE.


3. Enjoyed soaked in PEE.


4. Licked from the dungeon FLOOR.


5. Displayed on a slaves cock OUTSIDE.


6. Covered in two mistresses SHITS.


7. Enjoyed with black tea mistresses HEAVEN.


8. Attached to a hungry slaves cage GATE.


9.Slaves lunch with viagra and WINE.


10. Eaten in the nursery off Little Weeds nipples by BILL & BEN.


11. A repeat of SEVEN.


12. Between his mistresses arse cheeks for a slaves tongue to DELVE.


13. Slid on the cock of my tranny QUEEN.


14. Eaten from the pussy of a teasing TEEN.


15. A gag to stop my slaves SCREAM.


16. Filled for a slut with cock CREAM.


17. A needled cock ring to treat you MEAN.


18. A sweetie treat with nanny her baby to WEEN.


19. My shit slaves pud when the toilet bowls  CLEAN.


20. Why that's simple buy 2 boxes  so that we can all eat PLENTY.